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The 30 Day Clearer Complexion Challenge! 

Hello Everyone, yeah its been a while, (reinvention time). I will be rolling out the 30 Day Clearer Complexion Challenge Campaign. It's simple, for 30 Days you follow a prescribed program that will be posted on my site using my wonderful and very effective Oatmeal Facial Mask & Scrub and watch your complexion transform before your very eyes! I figure if people are willing to take the "cold water challenge", surely they would take a challenge to have a more vibrant and healthier complexion - it seems plausible to me.

For those of you that have received my eConnection Newsletter in the past, be on the look out for one arriving in your in mail box in the next 30 DaysFor those that are not on my mailing list, please sign up below for updates, because we're going to have BIG FUN with this one! Or you can simply "LIKE" my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter and Instagram - all links are posted below

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My site is currently offline, but will be back online within the next 30 Days, Ready for The Challenge! If you are a business owner and would like to sponsor a Challenge Kick Off Event at your place of business, I would love to collaborate with you. For more information please email or call Beverly at:  313.923.7119


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